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  • Rahul Pandey: Stanford → Kosei → Pinterest → Meta. Lecturer at Stanford, and published courses on LI Learning + Codepath.

  • Alex Chiou: UCLA → PayPal → Course Hero → Meta → Robinhood. Published 30 apps with 2.5M+ installs.

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Advancing engineering careers through a focus on the non-coding skills. Credible discussion, case studies, and events with engineering leaders: Learn more at joinTaro.com.


Insights to advance your tech career. More content available on YT (youtube.com/rpandey1234) and the Taro apps: https://jointaro.com. Stanford lecturer, formerly at Facebook, Pinterest, and Kosei.
Building the ultimate platform to supercharge your career as a software engineer with my boi Rahul Pandey. If you want to follow us on our crazy journey: https://www.linkedin.com/company/techcareergrowth/